About Us

What makes us shine!

In the wake of working and volunteering with various groups and organizations in the midst of natural disasters I constantly saw a need of community and knowing and trusting others. Home ownership is AWESOME and is very rewarding. But with great reward there is great responsibility to maintain and upkeep your home.

I wanted to provide a place for everyone to come for all home needs and to know, trust, and rely on us to provide vetted service providers to help them take care of their homes. From attics to basements and everything in between, there is not a project too small or too large. This has been a dream of mine for more than 15 years and we look forward to helping each homeowner with all of their needs.

Service at your fingertips!
The Home Hub is your one-stop shop for a variety of services utilized by homeowners.

— Angel Hill, Founder

Experts with over 20 years of experience